Saturday, 22 March 2014

The activity

What do we do exactly?

We take all necessary measures for the project realization from initial concept to completion. Management of construction projects and investments in all phases: finding an urban land or parcel for the construction project, gathering the necessary documentation, preparation of project documentation, construction of residential, business and luxury facilities on turnkey basis. We are responsible for all phases.

In addition to concrete construction consulting services, such as expert evaluation, field work, gathering documentation, obtaining all necessary permits (before and after construction), our design office provides quality service and design, i.e., making conceptual and final architectural design with all stages, as well as final construction of residential and commercial buildings, and luxury villas.

Do you need interior design? Don’t worry. Our design office, consisting of professional architects experienced in the field of interior design, will help you, and we will also purchase the designed furniture for you. With selected collaborators we unite the whole process. You choose and let us do the rest. Our principle is the satisfaction of our investor and user of our services, and therefore we guarantee for all of our services.

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